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Sculptor Vijay borned in a happy middle-class home of native Nashik in 1971 . His father, a government officer in health department had a very sincere and strict approach towards his job. His mother, housewife always had a creative approach towards life with artistic qualities. Vijay used to play with clay since his childhood. His attraction and craze towards clay was right from his early years. Indeed, he is a God gifted child with spiritual and artistic qualities by birth. As he grew, he began to make new milestones and made his parents into a awe. He is younger between his brothers and a sister. He completed his preschool education from Rajebahaddar Wada and Secondary Education from Pethe High School, Nashik. He has 2 elder brothers and a elder sister.

On becoming a teenager, his father asked , Vijay, "what you desire to become in your life"? It was the most enlightened thing for him. Vijay replied, "I want to become a famous sculptor and serve the society through my artistic creations" and his very supportive parents supported him and consequently today he is a renowned sculptor. After SSC, he joined Chitra Kala Mahavidyalaya, Nashik whose founded by Shri. V.G. Kulkarni and studied there for couple of years. After that he joined Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalaya, Pune for another couple of years. As he had dreamt for a bright future, he further joined Sir J.J. School of Arts under the department Sculpture and Modelling in Mumbai for 4 years. He was so brilliant student who achieved 3 scholarships for 3 years consistently. He used to work on freelancing basis, making statues, art works for other studious and institutions, companies and simultaneously managed his studies and reached to a wonderful position.

In College days, he was a brilliant student to whom his teacher loved and always guided him in his most crucial times. From J.J. SCHOOL OF ARTS, he was awarded with the degree of GD Art, Sculpture and Modelling. After completing GD, Art, he returned to Nashik and set up his own Studio and there from his wonderful journey of Sculpture and art began. From that time, really toiled hard, worked day and night and made his dream come true. He succeeded in his career with a balance of spiritual awakening and his creative and out of the box thinking. And till date he has been gaining knowledge and pursuing his profession successfully.


All type of statues. Murals Wall Mountings, and Making Statues in all type of metals like Bronze, Silver, Fiber Glass, Wood Carving and Stained Glass Works in the Arts Field since 1989.

Name: Vijay or Yogesh Madhukar Burhade

Date of Birth: 21st Feb 1971 Nashik

Address: Plot No 8,9,10, Studio Soham Sahavas, Chaitanya Nagar, Old Saikheda Road, Near Vitthal Karyalaya,Upnagar, Dasak, Nasik Road, Nasik 422101 Maharashtra, India.

Contact: +91 9850120960, +919423784784

Mail: vmbnsk@gmail.com, vburhade@gmail.com

Web: www.sculptorvmb.com, www.buddhacharan.com

sculptor vijay burhade

Educational Qualifications

1. Passed Foundation Course at Chitrakala Mahavidyalaya, Nasik (Drawing College Nasik

2. Passed Arts Teaching Diploma (ATD at Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalay, Pune

3. Passed G. D. Art in Sculpture and Modeling at sir J. J. School of Arts, Mumbai in the year 1993.STOOD FRIST IN THE COLLEGE


All type of statues. Murals Wall Mountings, and Making Statues in all type of metals like Bronze,Silver, Fiber Glass, Wood Carving and Stained Glass Works in the Arts Field since 1989.


From Sir J. J. School of Arts College Mumbai for the Years 1990 91, 1991 92, 1992 93


1. Govt. of Maharashtras Arts Dept. Awards in 1990 91 and 1992 93
2. All India Gold Smiths Associations Awards for Making Bronze Statue
3. Selection for Seminar Organized by National School for Performing Arts (NCPA at Tata Theatre Mumbai in 1992 93